[9:54:39 PM] *** Call to Elliot Cutecumber- Sempai ***

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lol sorry guys that i keep posting vents. it helps me alot to post them and helps me to stop thinking about things. VuV

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tatoooo o o ooo oo Dragon age VuV*

me Blood Mage whose name I cant think of right now

and me Cousland Sora.

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[11:46:56 PM] Grub: hueheueh
[11:49:18 PM] Grub: we should
[11:49:20 PM] Grub: you know
[11:57:50 PM] this dolphan needs a pickle: Ohhhh

you mean

run away together and elope in vegas, cause you either go big or go home with spontaneous marriage, and later on we can start a farm maybe a soybean farm and committ hours and hours of labor to our produce and the many many children we’re obviously going to have until we retire into a little condo in florida so we can wear gaudy, matching hawaiin shirts by the beach side but it’s totally acceptable cause we’ll be seniors and they can own any kind of fashion but the main point here is we prolly won’t even get old cause we’ll be around in the age of cybernetics and by the time we retire we’ll p much be cyborgs, better faster and stronger, so we’ll enlist in the space army and kick ass for as long as our cyborg bodies will function which will most likely be a while until one of us, prolly you, will sacrifice yourself for me in a dramatic act of glory during a critical mission to save all of humanity that was specifically assigned for us and thus your sacrifice making you the ultimate hero of space and earth and by proxy me as well?
[11:57:59 PM] this dolphan needs a pickle: I’m totally down for that idea, let’s go.
[11:58:59 PM] Grub: oh Elliot
[11:59:03 PM] Grub: you know me so well

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lololololololol Elliot being a big cute drunkin gay eue

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So I did this thing here.

Name: Rachel
Western Star Sign: Gemini (The twins)
Chinese Zodiac (Animal): Pig (The friend)
Western Element: Air  (thought)
Chinese Element: Wood
Planet: Mercury (Inconstant)
Yin-Yang Symbol: Yin
Celtic Druid Zodiac: Fig Tree (The Sensible)
Birthstone: Pearl (Integrity) 

Divine Number: 1 (The Leader)

Season: Spring
Divine Color: Maroon (The Instinctive)
Day of the Week: Sunday

literally only have one person i can talk to and can trust now. one person i can truly be myself with. 

everyone else has left me.

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